Office of the Governor of Alabama

Great State 2019 Plan

During Governor Bentley’s 2016 State of the State address he launched his 2016 legislative agenda and announced his strategic plan, Great State 2019 Plan.

Full details of Governor Bentley’s Great State 2019 Plan can be found here.

Alabama will celebrate its 200th birthday in 2019, and Governor Bentley’s Great State 2019 Plan is aimed at fundamentally changing Alabama, opening doors of opportunity, clearing the path to prosperity and solving decades old problems by the time Alabama celebrates its bicentennial milestone.  The strategic plan has a special focus on Alabama’s most rural and underserved areas.

The Governor’s Great State 2019 agenda includes:

Investing in Alabama’s Education

  • Investment in High Quality Pre-Kindergarten
  • Alabama’s FUTURE Scholarship Program
  • Workforce Development

Increasing the Number of Health Professionals in Rural Areas

Addressing the Prison Problem with Long-Term Solutions

Alabama’s HOPE (Helping Our People Excel) Through Broadband

Other Issues

  • Gulf State Park Project
  • Supporting our Veterans
  • Assessing Our Water Resources
  • Supporting Small Business Development and Success
  • The Alabama Transportation Institute
  • Accessing Affordable Coastal Insurance Options

“The Great State 2019 Plan is aimed at prioritizing greater opportunity and access to a good strong education, quality healthcare and game-changing technology for all Alabamians,” Governor Bentley said. “There is no better way to celebrate the state’s bicentennial than by working together to make the lives of Alabamians better. Our state’s rich history is made up of a series of Alabamians who have courageously confronted problems and executed the necessary strategies to accomplish much needed solutions.”