WHEREAS, the Executive Branch of the State of Alabama, is charged with protecting, promoting, maintaining and overseeing the health, safety and welfare of Alabama citizens;

WHEREAS, the promotion of the health, safety and welfare of Alabama citizens includes preventing unnecessary mortality, morbidity and costs from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS);

WHEREAS, the people living in all areas of Alabama are in tremendous need of improved HIV/AIDS education, healthcare, and economic relief;

WHEREAS, from 1982 to October 2011, there have been a cumulative total of 17,799 persons infected with HIV/AIDS in Alabama;

WHEREAS, since 1982, there have been a cumulative total of 159 pediatric HIV/AIDS cases in Alabama;

WHEREAS, from 1982 to December 2010, 6358 individuals in Alabama have died due to complications related to HIV/AIDS;

WHEREAS, from 1985 to 2010, the number of persons living with HIV infection and in need of direct care and support services increased from 186 to 10,875;

WHEREAS, persons are living with HIV/AIDS in every county of Alabama;

WHEREAS, more US citizens have died from HIV/AIDS than were killed in World War II and the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars;

WHEREAS, a coordinated, comprehensive, planned public and private effort is needed to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering due to HIV/AIDS in Alabama; and,

WHEREAS, a coordinated, comprehensive, long-term, statewide effort is needed to reduce new HIV/AIDS infections, increase access to care and improve the health outcomes for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and reduce HIV/AIDS-related health inequities.

NOW, THEREFORE, based upon these considerations, and to achieve a more coordinated statewide response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, I, Robert Bentley, Governor of the State of Alabama, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Alabama, do hereby establish Alabama’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Task Force (Task Force) which shall be comprised of the following members:

•  The Governor or his designee to serve as Chair;
•  The Director/Commissioner or their designee of the:
•  Department of Public Health
•  Department of Mental Health
•  Department of Education
•  Medicaid Agency
•  Office of Rural Development
•  Primary Health Care Association
•  Two people living with HIV/AIDS to be appointed by the Alabama State AIDS Director;
•  Two members of the Alabama House of Representatives to be appointed by the Speaker of  the House of Representatives;
•  Two members of the Alabama State Senate to be appointed by the President Pro Tem of the  State Senate;
•  One member of the faith community with experience in HIV/AIDS education to be  appointed by the Governor;
•  Two providers with experience treating people with HIV/AIDS to be appointed by the Governor;
•  Two persons living with HIV/AIDS in Alabama to be appointed by the Governor; and,
•  Any other individuals that the Governor may choose to appoint.















BE IT ORDERED that all members shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that Executive Order Number 34, issued on August 31, 2000, is hereby rescinded.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that the Task Force is charged with researching and developing options to encourage statewide efforts to reduce cases of HIV/AIDS and to improve the overall health of Alabamians by adopting and promoting a statewide comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention and Direct Services Plan to the general public, state and local elected officials, various public and private organizations and associations, businesses and industries, agencies, potential funders and other community resources.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that the Task Force, under the leadership of the Governor shall work with existing department heads, commissioners and directors to coordinate the efforts of their State agencies, departments, and commissions that support, aid, or assist, or have the capacity to support, aid, or assist in the HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Plan of Alabama.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that this Executive Order shall become effective immediately upon its execution and shall remain in effect until amended or modified by the Governor.

DONE AND ORDERED this 1st day of December, World AIDS Day, 2011.

Robert Bentley


Beth Chapman

Secretary of State