Governor Bentley Creates Alabama’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Task Force

MONTGOMERY— Governor Robert Bentley today announced the creation of Alabama’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Task Force. From 1982 through December 2010, there have been a total of 17,800 people infected with HIV/AIDS in Alabama. The 19-member Task Force will consist of people who are living with HIV/AIDS, representatives of the faith and health care communities, as well as other state agencies.

The HIV/AIDS Task Force will be charged with researching and developing options to encourage statewide efforts to reduce new cases of HIV/AIDS and to improve the overall health of Alabamians. The Task Force will adopt and promote a statewide comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention and Direct Services Plan that will address efforts to reduce cases.

"We must do all we can to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. This Task Force will work to reduce new HIV/AIDS infections, increase access to care, and improve the health outcomes for Alabamians living with the disease,” said Governor Robert Bentley.

The Governor signed the Executive Order creating the HIV/AIDS Prevention Task Force on World AIDS Day today.

Click here to view the Executive Order creating Alabama’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Task Force.