WHEREAS, improving Alabama’s law enforcement and public safety system is a primary goal of state government;

WHEREAS, several state agencies perform law enforcement and public safety functions;

WHEREAS, the services provided by these agencies can be more effectively and efficiently coordinated and streamlined to reduce duplication, inefficiencies and costs;

WHEREAS, public safety can be improved when agencies coordinate efforts more closely, share information, and consistently work in a collaborative manner;

WHEREAS, the functions and services provided by these agencies must not be impaired or jeopardized during such coordination and streamlining;

WHEREAS, reducing administrative duplications can help focus as many resources as possible on increasing and supporting law enforcement officers in the field;

WHEREAS, the public and law enforcement officers alike will benefit from increased coordination of the state’s law enforcement agencies; and

WHEREAS, the Governor must be accurately and routinely informed of such efforts to coordinate and streamline law enforcement and public safety functions.

NOW THEREFORE, based upon these considerations, and for other good and valid reasons related thereto, I Robert Bentley, Governor of the State of Alabama, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Alabama, do hereby create and establish the position of Senior Law Enforcement Advisor to the Governor.

BE IT ORDERED that the Governor shall appoint a Senior Law Enforcement Advisor who shall organizationally be located in the Office of the Governor and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor. This position shall have the responsibility to ensure that the law enforcement needs of the state are carried out in a coordinated manner by routinely communicating and collaborating with the leadership and Chief Enforcement Officers of all state agencies providing law enforcement and/or public safety functions to include, but not limited to the following agencies:

a. Alabama Department of Public Safety,

b. Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board,

c. Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources,

d. Alabama Department of Homeland Security, and

e. Alabama Department of Insurance, State Fire Marshal.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that the Senior Law Enforcement Advisor shall undertake the following duties:

a. Emphasize the placement of more law enforcement officers in the field while streamlining administrative functions within each agency;

b. Eliminate duplication of services;

c. Establish and maintain a database of available state law enforcement resources and services to minimize duplication of activities and better coordinate training;

d. Recognize efficiencies through common purchasing, consolidation of law enforcement fleet maintenance and a unified communication infrastructure;

e. Serve as the primary point of contact for the Governor regarding state law enforcement issues; and

f. Provide such other and further assistance and input as may be requested by the Governor.

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED that this Executive Order shall become effective immediately upon its execution and shall remain in effect until amended or modified by the Governor.

DONE AND ORDERED this the 22nd day of January, 2013.

Robert Bentley



Beth Chapman

Secretary of State