Governor Bentley Highlights First Term Accomplishments


MONTGOMERY —Five days away from being inaugurated for a second term in office, Governor Robert Bentley on Wednesday held a news conference in Montgomery, with his cabinet and staff, to highlight a list of his administration’s accomplishments from his first term as governor.

Job creation, transportation improvements and education were all touted by Governor Bentley in a comprehensive document with accomplishments from all 21 current cabinet level agencies.The 91 pages of accomplishments were submitted by each agency and compiled by the Governor’s staff. The document serves as an accountability and transparency measure for the Governor to Alabamians.

“This document reflects the hard work of my Cabinet, staff and thousands of state employees who are committed to serving the people of Alabama. We have compiled this document so that Alabamians can see just how far our state has come since January of 2011,” Governor Bentley said. “I am extremely proud of our accomplishments, and I plan to continue on the same path for the next four years. I am committed to doing what is best for the citizens of Alabama and my Cabinet and staff shares that commitment.”

Accomplishment highlights include:

·         During Governor Bentley’s first term in office, his administration has announced the creation of more than 63,000 new jobs including partial numbers from 2014 (final 2014 numbers will be released after the publication of this report).
·         Alabama’s wage and salary employment is at its highest point since 2008.
·         JobLink, Alabama’s free online jobs database, continued to register record-high numbers of active job orders, surpassing the 20,000 jobs mark on several occasions.
·         More than $1.2 billion in taxpayer dollars were identified and saved annually during the first term of the Bentley Administration.
·         Created the Office of Information Technology to implement compatibility standards throughout the state and employ simple cost-saving measures such as buying in bulk across state agencies.
·         Gulf State Park Improvements—plans include developing a lodge and meeting center that will create a direct and meaningful economic impact.
·         Consolidated state law enforcement creating increased efficiency in numerous state agencies, resulting in savings to taxpayers and increased presence of law enforcement.
·         A commitment to increased funding for the expansion of the state’s high-quality, voluntary Pre-Kindergarten education program, resulted in thousands of additional students receiving the opportunity and preparation to build a more solid educational foundation for the future.
·         Graduation Rate at 86%, which is significantly higher than the target set for the end of the first term of the Bentley Administration.
·         Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) – The state’s single largest investment in roads and bridges in Alabama history.

Governor Bentley thanked members of the Alabama Legislature for their efforts on many initiatives.

“Many of these items could not have been accomplished without the partnership and hard work of our outstanding Legislature and its leadership,” Governor Bentley added. “My administration will continue to work closely with the Legislature as we share the same commitment to improve our great state.”

The Bentley Administration highlights can be found here.

Video of the press conference can be found here.